Not sure how many have seen or heard of South Shore Tent Trailers, LLC. A Massachusetts based company but I would highly recommend you look at their roof top tents if you are in the market for one. Top notch service as well

Albert. Deshaies

Chris and I purchased a roof top tent with the bottom part together and then he purchased the awning and side kit and we absolutely love it…so easy to use n set up you should really check these out n consider purchasing one…it’s perfect

Nicki & Chris in Tennessee

We’re loving the Roof Top Tent! It’s very comfortable and has plenty of space. I inadvertently didn’t take your advice to get it wet then dry thoroughly before taking it out in the rain. We got pretty wet since the pores hadn’t closed up yet. But now that it’s been through one wet cycle, it’s been great in the rain! We’ve only used the annex a few times but it’s very handy and the dogs love sleeping down there. Attached is a picture of the pups hanging out at the camp site with the RTT in Pittsburg, NH this summer.

We’re planning to keep it mounted all year since we like to winter camp…..if winter ever comes!

Jerry & Deanna

The concerts and festivals went very well. The tent worked out well and was big and roomy inside, even with the bags of cloths I had in it with me. Also everyone else that saw it, thought it was pretty awesome. But since we ended up with two other people for the ride there, i then had to get some bars so I could put on top of the bed of my mom’s truck, which worked out well on the short notice we were given with regards to the extra people. It worked well with how we set up camp since my friend was able to place his tent under mine saving space. Though I found that next time I put it on the truck I need to drill a couple of holes into the ladder so I don’t need to have it so far out so it could be locked in place. Otherwise it worked out really well with how it didn’t take up much space and was easy to open and close. Attached should be two pictures from the festival of our camp with it on the truck.


We love our Tent Trailer. We use it from March through October.  We use it for Camping Trips, Tailgates and BBQ cook offs from  Maine to Maryland.
What we love the most is the costumer service .  You get the owner on the phone if you ever need to call. You get 100% quality american craftsman ship from men who stand behind their product.
Kathy and Tom
T-Bone BBQ